Fundamental Defensive Pistol LVL 1 & 2
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Fundamental Defensive Pistol LVL 1 & 2

Foundations Firearms Training and Runenation have partnered to offer you FUNDAMENTAL DEFENSIVE PISTOL LVL 1&2. Sign up now by clicking here.

FUNDAMENTAL PISTOL LVL 1: 1-Day Class that will encompass all fundamental skills involving the defensive application of your pistol. Topics and concepts will include defensive stance, essentials of a combat grip, draw stroke, reloading procedures, sighting techniques, integration of movement and much more. This class reinforces, diagnoses, and fine tunes the fundamentals necessary for concealed carry. 

FUNDAMENTAL PISTOL LVL 2: Builds upon the foundation built in FP LVL1 and allows the student to learn and familiarize themselves with advanced coursework: identify threats, retention shooting, ensure survival, and finish the fight. 

Course will be held at East Alabama Gun Club on July 28-29, 2018. You must complete FP LVL1 in order to take FD LVL2 on the second day. 


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